We are often asked by clients to explain why they should choose Riverchase Wealth Management, LLC for their financial planning needs. We believe strongly that our strengths, and the reasons clients should choose our firm are:


The Principals of Riverchase Wealth Management, LLC are CFP® professionals with more than 28 years combined experience in the field of financial planning. As Enrolled Agents with the IRS, the Principals at our firm also have extensive knowledge of U.S. tax regulations and their impact on your financial decisions. This knowledge and experience enables us to help clients of various backgrounds and needs in a holistic manner.

Independence and Objectivity

Riverchase Wealth Management, LLC is an independent, Fee-Only financial planning and investment management firm. Unlike many financial advisors, we never receive any commissions, finder’s fees or any other compensation which is contingent upon you purchasing a particular product. We are only paid through fees received from our clients. This structure enables us to remove the conflicts of interest regarding compensation and focus solely on our clients and their best interests.

Scope of Services

The services provided by Riverchase Wealth Management, LLC are built on our 4 Wealth Points. The areas of one’s financial plan covered by our 4 Wealth Points are broad, and enable us to advise our clients on areas that may often be overlooked or ignored by others in the financial industry.



“Money is not the goal.  Money has no value.  The value comes from the dreams money helps achieve.”

Robert Kiyosaki

Riverchase Wealth Management, LLC

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E-Mail:  info@riverchasewealth.com

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