Riverchase Wealth Management offers portfolio management services to help you achieve the goals of your financial plan.  Those goals, your tolerance for risk and your time horizon will determine the asset allocation for your investment portfolio.

Our investment philosophy employs a disciplined approach based on academic research.  We manage our clients’ investment portfolios on the following principles:

The Markets Are Efficient

We believe that the financial markets are efficient and that successfully timing the ups and downs of the market are not possible.  This belief is founded on the research of Nobel laureate Eugene Fama and his subsequent Efficient Market Hypothesis.  This hypothesis states that asset prices reflect all available information, and that due to this, it is impossible to consistently outperform the markets on a risk adjusted basis.

Diversification is Essential

We believe that diversification is essential for managing risk.  This belief is founded in the work of Nobel laureate Harry Markowitz and his Modern Portfolio Theory.  The goal of diversifying one’s portfolio across multiple assets and asset classes is to multiple assets and asset classes is to reduce risk and achieve an optimum risk adjusted return.

Prior to managing your portfolio, we will work with you to develop an Investment Policy Statement.  Your Investment Policy Statement will detail your circumstances, as well as the objectives and expectations of the portfolio.  We will work with you to review and adjust it over time as your circumstances change.


“Investing should be more like watching paint dry or watching grass grow.  If you want excitement, take $800 and go to Las Vegas.”

Paul Samuelson

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